For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Where you are relates to your mind

A. A person sitting by the lake alone.

B. A young teen in a mall.

A. Has few thoughts in their mind and at peace.

B. Has many thoughts on their mind that flit and change frequently.

A. A bird passes by and attention is held briefly.

B. High frequency of flashing, bright lights, loud music, commotion, many people vie for attention.

Put A. in situation B. and they are very out of place. The same for B.

In fact if B. Showed up to the mall and no one was there they would be unhappy. If A. went to the park to find it full thriving with people they would be unhappy. Both A. and B. chose locations related to their mindset. Oh, Oh, Oh, you're unimpressed with this finding? Sounds obvious does it? Sure.

Yet how often people crave one thing and live daily in another. Crave the ocean and live in the city, crave a walk by the lake as they drive on the motorway. A simple point when made but so few live by it. Always an excuse.


Those who live alone should have less thoughts. Those who choose simple foods should want for less in general. Those who don't crave for possessions should be more consistently happy. Those who love from the heart more likely to have long relationships.

Those who mix with many people have more on their mind. Those who love exotic flavours eat more meals that displease them. Those who crave material possessions are more constantly in need. Those who love flesh will never find lasting companionship.

Again so simple it need hardly be said but I see craving in everyone's eyes and peace in so few. I see a toothless old man as happy as can be, and in the same view a teenager with all the possessions you can imagine, but missing a smile.


Want for nothing, it is all yours. Desire nothing and you're at peace. Or is this the other way around? I'm not so sure, but the fact remains, simple, solid; yet lived by so few.

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao

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