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Mind-Mind Map

Brahman, Tao, Ultimate, Self, True I, Nature even, whatever the name you want to give for the infinite unknowable is the large purple ring that also by it's nature gives rise to and includes all sub-sectors.

From the ultimate is the Grand Mind (large pale blue circle) and we operate as functions of that mind, we are like active memories and synapses, signals that move within the grand mind.

Our Ego, our I-ness, our sense of self and individuality is the smallest dot (4 shown) and each form their own mini mind (4 pinkish circles surrounding the 4 small egos). Our I and our body arise simultaneously so we have a hard job shaking one without shaking attachment to both. Our mini mind is a function of the ego and idea of self so all operations of the mini mind arise from and reinforce the notion of I. And we say stuff in the mini mind is real.


You can see how we can share common thoughts and experience as we are part of the Collective Consciousness, the Grand Mind.

You can also see how our own minds are unique to us but contained within, so we have many thoughts and experiences that are part of the grand mind but we can not convey easily to others. So we have languages. And we have confusions.

Our mini mind can never know the whole except by dissolution. Any action of the mini mind reinforces the false. Dissolving the mini mind comes with investigation as to who it is and this comes after quietude achieved by meditation. First, calm the mind, then inquire as to who it is, to then find with practice that it is but a function, an idea of its own, and nothing of reality.

Escaping the I, the ego and the mini mind to enter the grand mind and see Tao is a role for the True I and this does not have language as - it has no one to converse with, it is, so truth is of no benefit to the ego and is impossible to convey in words or otherwise.

As the Ultimate is ever present it must be said that not-knowing it (living in the mini-mind) however grand it seems, is ignorance. As the grand mind and Tao are ever present we are always there but shielded by ego and I and all the mini mind creates to smokescreen the ultimate. Absent of the mini mind is permanent and bliss but (and it sounds strange in words) will be lost with reentry to the mini mind.

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