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Hitting people with it

I know full well why they have a stick to hit students with in Zen now.

Please if you are fed up with all the 'I' stuff you have to excuse me I'm not even half way through the 750page book I'm reading and over and over again we have the enquirer asking/saying;

"I do not see it"

and I just want to get the keisaku and slap them with it myself.

'I can never see it' I want to say to the person in the book. 'I has already stepped up and claimed to be you and I is the whole blockage to you seeing I'. Now, admittedly using "I" for both the I of the person and the I of the ultimate is a little confusing a least so let's say it again this way: "I is the blockage to you seeing Tao".

As the person relates to I as them, they instantly set up everything else as 'not-them' - and so you see the issue, a trap never to be resolved.


Am. Amness. Am. Am. Thus. Am. Aaaaaaaam.

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