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Can not be burned by fire

Why can't the person of Tao be burned by fire? How are they free from death?

The person of Tao is not attached to the body or forms and is beyond the universe in scope. Life and death are the coming and going of forms and their body is yet another of these. For this body to occur the mother divided herself and any new body is a continuation of the long line of 'human being' which is itself part of an ongoing line of life, this has no real death just reconfiguration. Mother becomes mother becomes son becomes father becomes daughter becomes mother. Each mother like a point where a branch divides and each father like where a branch grows seed.

There have never been two Oak trees, one tree is a continuation of the other. The labels of new sapling and old dead tree miss how one became the other in cycle, never ceasing.

That which is living, when recognized, removes death and renames it. Beyond even that which seems to be living is a place where words become faded in use and function. Beyond that is Tao.

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