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Om Symbol

This is Om.

This is the slightly stylized version of Om from the top of the blog. Om is made of 5 parts.

The left side is made of two parts the top and bottom curves. These represent two states of being. To the right is a 3rd state of being.

These are your wake, sleep and dream states.

Up top we have a dot and this is the Brahman, the ultimate self and root to all of this. Below the dot is a curve. This curve is Maya and the illusory nature of Maya is why we see the dot manifest as the 3 states of being. 

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InnocentDevil said...

Wow that is really cool. But, what is the Tao and Om Symbol together mean??

Ta-Wan said...


I found much similarity in the highest parts of Vedanta and Tao so I put the symbols together for a tattoo.

The one here is just the Om.