For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

The impossibility of resolving the duality is the magic

The impossible trap.

Languages carry the trap, but how could they not? Who would invent a language if they were not first under the impression that there were others to converse with?

Yin Yang

Brilliantly we have this concept of the Tai Chi, where the dual ideas are brought back to unity by the logic that everything must carry an anti, and for that pair to demonstrate completion and harmony.


The magic then is for us, who for the majority of life exist in time and space, to see unity and harmony in all we do. This actual act is magical.

Infinite regression powers true being.

As we can not meet an end to any negation we are left with some factor that is always beyond explanation. We can feel this but not convey it. The very act of conveying it instantly taints our gift to others with the ripe smell of fresh manure.

You can't discount other as who then is doing the discounting? Any acceptance of other is reaffirmation of self. Accepting all as one, who accepts it? Who is writing and who is reading? Should the one true self spend time trying to inform the one true self that it is the one true self?

No, the one true self simply manifests as an ocean and opens itself to rivers. The one true self describes harmony by being in harmony. The one true self describes peace by being at peace.

Negate negate negate, to prove nothing is but a relationship to what it is not.

Searching for truth is instant failure as it sets up seeker and falsehood. The basic premise of chapter 2 of the Tao Te Ching. We won't do well if we can't get past chapter 2!

Yet the act of failure is quite magical. The part where brain and intellect cancel themselves out of the equation; blow up, cease, explode - boom - and with all negated, and no functioning reason left, we are still left with the mystery. This mystery can't be much else than the Tao itself.

..and as long as there is someone alive to witness the magic of all that they are not, then there is a show here and front row tickets are for the taking of anyone with eyes wide enough to absorb and an intellect wise enough to shut the fuck up.

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