For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


Rather than try to say what Enlightenment is, how abut what it is not: Enter Ms Average.

  • Not sure if God exists, not religious but if pushed would guess it existed. 
  • Fear of death. 
  • Fear of what others think of them. 
  • Belief in some strange things on a just in case basis. Like won't book into room No. 13. 
  • Think that they are subject to luck. 
  • Believe the news on TV or at least say it is mainly right. 
  • Feel the world is made of stuff that is fully explained by science. 
  • or Feel the universe is the direct action of a god who can think, judge and communicate on the human level. 
  • Think there is such a thing as Al Quaida. 
  • Feel their opinion counts in politics and voting. 
  • Feel war is sometimes just. 
  • Consider themselves to have a place in a hierarchy above animals. 
  • Believe they have a solid reality and they came onto Earth. 
  • Think that there are people who know better than them and so should have a role in saying how they should live.
  • Feel rules have substance. 
  • Would tell the Police, a security guard or warden, when asked, their name on the grounds that they had to. 
  • Know their bank to have their money in it and not differentiate between themselves as infinity, themselves as a free human and themselves as corporation. 
  • See nature as something apart from them.
  • Do not know how food relates to mental awareness or how a McBurger or a bowl of dahl can lead to different thought patterns or moods later in the day depending which was eaten. 
  • Feel that emotions have a reality. 
  • Someone dead and gone watches over them. 

I could go on but no one will read it.

Not all the points are spiritual in nature but point to the world of illusion that is accepted by many as real, so therefore the answers would be telling of the state of the individuals awareness.

While not all yes/no in nature, a more spiritually developed person would give answers demonstrating a higher understanding.


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Leon Basin said...

Great list! My favorite: "Consider themselves to have a place in a hierarchy above animals."

Fay's Too said...

I'm a bit lost, I'm afraid.
Is Ms Average not enlightened or is someone who can't debate those points not enlightened or is it that Ms Average can't debate those points and thus is not enlightened?
In any case, the points all made me think, which is a good thing.

Tao said...

I rushed the post off during lunch. Maybe I should have made it a bit clearer.

I'll attempt an edit.