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Automatic reincarnation

To wish for life after death in heaven is to say that life now is incomplete and lacking. It is also incredibly egotistical in nature as an idea.

To wish for reincarnation as a human, other life form, or into higher realm is also very egotistical and fails to grasp the ultimate.

Taoists instead say there was Tao, there is life, I am now experiencing that in all of its wonder, but I am still in the Tao and when I end I will return to it.

See how easy this is? You don't need to be good or shake off old karma or anything else, you just go back from where you came. You welcome death as a person after a hard day at work welcomes sleep.

For those needing the idea that bad people get punished, I suggest they work on their outlook a little or a lot.

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Eric Dubay said...

Good post. Also, I think I like the black Tao symbol at the top-middle better than the blue one... there's already lots of blue on the page :D That'll be 2 cents


Tao said...

meh, everyone's the graphic designer now - It's an Om ;)

Leon Basin said...

I like!