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On Suffering

Suffering is a mind state and is induced upon others by those who operate from the mind or ego. Suffering is ended by re-merging with the Tao and this comes in 3 ways. In wake, in sleep in death. Sleep is the most simple and we do it daily, wake is most beneficial as it can be used to help others, death is inevitable. It definitely being preferential to live absent of suffering than to hold out for death. But either way the cycle lives on.

Any re-merging is cyclic but separation and non-separation are in the mind. Separating and re-merging, or feeling in constant separation, are Samsara. Realizing non-separation is Nirvana. Yet Nirvana and Samsara are one and only given label and existence by the mind.

Slay mind, slay body, slay
The external: matter goes.
Then space remains; renew the pains!
Up! Front the final foes!

Slay space; then Naught abides.
Hold on thine holy hand!
When Naught gives back before the attack,
Serene thy Silence stand!

Ch'ing-ching Ching

This theatrical poem speaks of the act as if a battle. Yet no one is there to have the battle. Any battle with mind can be won with non-interaction. Ego and mind play their game and self simply has to hold true and they will give up.

You are deep asleep, then mind (little mind) comes on and gives rise to the ego. Ego will begin to paint pictures and play its game of shapes and forms. These are dreams. At a time you awaken when mind and ego are already in full flow. Ego paints the world for you and taints it to any presets the mind has. Bad morning or "oh so good to be alive" came from the presets mind had sitting in potential.

Meditation the night before, a particularly good sleep, absence of major mind issues or other factors can give you a nice start to the day but this day is owned by mind and ego. The practice now is to always uncover the true self before they get carried away.

Suffering is for those who allow the ego and mind to rule. Grand suffering of nations is because they allowed a leader to take guide of a ship, a ship of mind captained by a big ego.

The fear and limitations carried by ego make for a ship you would be best not sailing on.

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