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A journey to peace

Today is a fine day, sunny, warm, clear, fresh. I put one job aside in favour of another and the 2nd fell through leaving me nothing to do. The big book shop did not have Wen Tzu, the specialist bookshop did not have Wen Tzu, no second hand bookshop had Wen Tzu. I came home with an idea in mind to spend the day somewhere peaceful.

I have options; The sea, a cliff or beach, one of many parks, by the lake, in woodland, in an open grass area, in the roof garden on top of the building, in the Chinese ornamental gardens. I could get to any of these by bicycle and even the journey would be pleasurable.

I chose instead to make some tea, sit back, and just enjoy nothing.

Having been enjoying nothing for a while now I just thought I'd mention it here. I'll now make more tea and get back to nothing.

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Fay's Too said...

sometimes the very best thing to do.

Tao said...

By doing nothing everything just gets done by itself.

(except going to the bank, my wife saw to that)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Sounds very peaceful indeed! BTW, I like the new artwork adorning the blog. :)