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Activism against activists

Well the peaceful sit down had to be disturbed at some point, my wife sent me out to the bank. Outside the bank were two well dressed guys, one Indian and one Chinese, holding pamphlets.

They addressed me and through the thick accents I got the gist that they wanted my money to feed poor kids around the world. Nice idea.

I said it was a nice gesture but not going to fix anything and they replied how it was surely best to do something and that the head in the sand approach would not solve anything.

I asked them why in the case of Africa, a country well able to grow food for its people, were people hungry? They agreed with my suggestion that a government buying arms and oppressing the people surely did not help. I asked them if they ever considered by feeding the poor of that land if they were not in fact facilitating the government in their poor behaviour. They opened to the idea but moved as if to reply. I went on that in India they have satellites in space, send rockets at however many million dollars, billions of rupees, into orbit, and are not putting rice in people's bowls. I said India by example creates so much milk, so much butter, ghee, that they throw it away, millions of gallons of milk go into the river, mountains of ghee are made and they will not give this to the people for fear of upsetting the economy.

The Chinese guy said 'China also', and the Indian guy nodded throughout my whole remark. The Indian one said how it was nice to meet someone who thought.

I then said it was admirable what they do, it is surely good but the issue lies with the heat source and not with wetting the flame. I have no ultimate solution to that, I respect their work but have a larger picture in mind.

And, I do not know the solution.

And I do admire charitable efforts.

But I feel it wrong that the average man is left in a perpetual loop of fixing what the rich and powerful incite. I do not feel it the role of the elite to fix the issues. I feel it is the role of humanity to grow up and not feel they need an elite to rule them.

Surely if we did not foolishly hand power up and away from ourselves then this oppression would not exist and so not need solving.

It is the fault of humanity that they look out not in for rule and guidance.


Only someone unable to trust themself would then say that they could not trust other people to rule themselves. This position is then made to look doubly as poor as they then, on the strength of their own mistrust and extended mistrust of others, vote in a government so far removed from them as to be impossible to control or hold to account.

The initial mistrust of self and the resulting situation of looking out for answers, sets the position of control so far removed that it is a negative asset. It also in twisted irony puts the control of one in the hands of another. "I can't trust myself or others so I put all decisions in my life in the hands of others" - You have to admit it does not sound smart.


So my solution is rather than the treadmill of handing away power and then constantly working to chase the fallout, we do not hand away power. We then have nothing to fix. Too idealistic?

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Eric Dubay said...

Excellent post. This is a great interaction you precipitated with these very well-meaning guys. I completely agree with your take on the situation. It's like the pharmaceutical industry. They are involved in disease management, NOT health. If people were healthy through wise nutrition, herbs, and natural supplements, they would have absolutely no reason to buy pharmaceutical, disease-management drugs. Likewise, if we didn't allow "elite, powerful" rich guys to rule over us and take away our very means of subsistence, then we wouldn't need "hunger-management" charity teams collecting money on street corners. Keep sprouting those seeds of consciousness brother!


Eric Dubay said...

Hey, this new website design with the three pictures at the top is the best yet. Looks great

Tao said...

I had a good chat to some Greenpeace protesters recently too. Similar vein of appearing disinterested at first to get them on their high horse and then laying out an argument on a deeper level than they had envisaged to the point it was them backing off from me.

Still working on the design. Trying to add a subtle fart coming out of Chuang's behind.

Ben said...

I think that's a good concept to apply in a place like the U.S., where the people (supposedly) actually have power, but do you think that would fix hunger in Africa? I mean I've never been there personally, so I can't say for certain, but isn't it more a problem of men with guns taking power and oppressing people? I mean the villagers didn't give the bandits the guns, did they?

Most of my knowledge comes from the movie "Blood Diamond," so I'm not exactly an expert on the matter...but it is my impression that if an African went up to the militia and said "I don't need you to govern me, I look in not out," they'd be unceremoniously shot.

I do think this should be applied in developed countries, but in third-world countries, I feel like the issues are far more complicated than that.

Tao said...

Ben: Yes I'm referring to those who collect and donate - both collector and donator have already handed away power and are now patching the dam.

Those in the poor nations are the fallout to this.

The Rambling Taoist said...

Is it too idealistic? Certainly!! But a world without ideals is devoid of hope, so keep sharing them. :)