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The person of Tao

The 'real' person, the person of Tao - truly a Tao master - Is someone you have met and had no idea of their views, wants, needs, likes or dislikes.

Religion never came up in conversation, they were good to you but never made out they were being good. They were calm and collected but never felt the need to tell you how easy going they were. They fitted in and blended with the crowd without any loss of individuality. They were good at all things that came their way, did there best and had no bashfulness over their poor performance or ego over their greater achievements. They shone with an inner brightness and radiated a deep seated warmth but wore no label, no jewels, no robe, no dog collar, no stripes on their arms, no marks of distinction.

Fitting in and getting along they were solid and dependable - you could miss them for a day or a year and be greeted the same on meeting again. Always fit for a good laugh and a joke, they could be told your inner woes and neither give you advice or break your trust. If you asked for advice on life they'd tell you something about death, if you asked for advice on colours they'd play you a song, if you wanted fine food they'd make you some tea. On every occasion meeting your needs in the most simplistic, unassuming yet well chosen responses.

They appeared in your life without you noticing them, and disappeared softly without a trace. They were your greatest masters and never asked for thanks. You probably owe them your heartfelt gratitude but their reward is that you treated them like a completely normal person.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

One of your best posts ever!! You really captured the full essence.

Eric Dubay said...

Wow. Agreed. This is probably my favorite post of all time. Keep it up!


Rizal Affif said...

My... it is the most important post, the best post :)