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Maybe I state the obvious here

Maybe I state the obvious here but could it be that politicians are the most depraved of all people?

I heard a Knock, followed by a "Ugh, Ow!" as my wife walked up behind me then she said "Hey be careful, I keep hitting my arm on this set of drawers".

I laughed and asked her; 'why if she kept hitting her arm, she was telling me to be careful?'

And that made me think of all these laws politicians spend so much time making. "Hey don't kill anyone, be cruel, mug, rape, solicit sex from strangers, take drugs..."

And thought 'ahhaa, they're just like my wife, protecting me from her hitting her own arm.'

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Shinzen Nelson said...

I totally agree with your observation. It has infiltrated our my work (psychotherapy) we have so many damn regulations because their are one or two therapists who aren't professional. So the rest of us have to live with new laws (and tons of paperwork) to "protect" us or our clientelle.

It is obvious...but needs to be brought out in the open...sort of like 'the emperor with no clothes'.