For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

"Shut up! You're supposed to be all Enlightened and shit."

If it were the job of awakened people to sit on the side of a mountain then there would be no such thing as Taoism, Buddhism, or many other isms. If the Buddha sat by the tree and said "Oh my me, everything is just perfect, I think I'll just sit here a while longer" and if Lau Tzu had got on his water buffalo and wandered off to whittle a stick or two by a stream there would be no teachings for us to spend our time trying to take on board.

Both these characters and others have realized something quite profound, quite perfect but have always said "But... "

"But if you lot keep fighting each other you're really going to kill my buzz, y'know?"

"If you government and Kings keep oppressing people then it's going to make everyone miserable."

"If you good people keep competing and not cooperating with each other and with nature then how will it end?"

So they instead took a group aside and spoke to them..

"Hey yous lots, yous listens tos mes - I's gots a message."

And then went on for a while that: "hey, you see, life can be sweet, so sweet. We got a little flustered when we were down the food chain, we had to scurry about and run from bears but now we're ok, we are, we are. You see we don't have to keep the fear and paranoia, we can move on. Chill Winston. We can, with a little practice all see what I saw, we can see the unity of all things, we can cooperate as one and just have a reaaaaaly nice time. - You get it?"

And most of them started fist fighting over a word or two they misunderestimated [sic].

The awakened have a job to do. Ok all is one, life can be sweet as fresh rain, we can just enjoy that and say "well to hell with it, people starve, people get oppressed but I have a nice cushion, I like meditation and green tea so I'll just sit and ignore it until it rights itself" or we can occasionally stand up, speak, write some words and make some actions that help those around us see.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

And that's why blokes like you and me (countless others too) have blogs. Actually, when we think of the huge number of blogs in the world, very few take on a zen or Taoist or zen-Taoist perspective.

In our own small ways, we're trying to change the world -- one reader at a time. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that.