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The Earth is not a hot cooling rock, it's just hot

The Electric Universe is both fascinating and accurate in predicting space activity.

A movie explaining these findings

Lightening and Auroras and such effects are electrical in nature.

The Moon, other planets and other moons have a surface topology not set by geology but by electrical activity over their surface.

The Sun is "a huge ball of lightening" and is an "electrical anode" It can not die and is not nuclear. It is part of a circuit - and perhaps shaped the moon and much else. It influences weather and earthquake activity.

Venus is a Comet and comets move and emit tails due to electric charge, repulsion and attraction:

"In mid-1997, the Soho satellite detected a plasma structure issuing from Venus and almost reaching the surface of Earth. The report described the structure as "stringy." Such a structure could only remain intact if a current were continuously flowing from Venus to the surrounding space via the plasma tail"

The Sun is not a nuclear event that will end as that is simply the nuclear model we made in our nuclear age, it's not a God, not a ball of fire, not a nuclear reaction - it is electrical in nature. Earth is most probably not a hot and cooling rock but, as it is full of iron, it is constantly heated by it passing through the electrical plasmas in space.

A movie explaining these findings

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