For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Soap Box

While we are cultivating and recognizing this spiritual truth within us and without us all there are very important shifts taking place.

As we break our shells and realize true oneness with the infinite, so too the veils, the oppression, the manipulative big business and oppressive governments, and more importantly than ever the true hidden ones behind those tools of control are starting to feel the foundations crumble beneath them.

We have powerful straight forward human activism against Flu vaccines, corporate greed and all else in the form of powerful Youtube videos.

We have recognition of the awakening in podcasts.

Deathbed confessions including admission of being involved in the plot to kill JFK (audio) (article). 

And we have blogs and free ebooks chronicling the increasing weight of information now available to us.

Spiritual awakening is important to cultivate and is happening to more and more people each day - and along side this are the new responsibilities we have in standing up for those of us who can not stand up for themselves.

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