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Immortality achieved

You will die. That you there, that ego self with the wet skin bag, will expire, rot, and become dust.

You can instead accept your immortality and live forever.

You should already know how this is done.

Do you?

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The Rambling Taoist said...

There are different theories on this. Some will say that immortality is completely bogus. Others believe a "soul" will live on forever in paradise or agony, depending on a variety of factors.

However, I like the theory that how one chooses to live their life and is remembered by others is how a "person" can be immortal. If you sow humility and contentment in life, others will reap it forever more.

Iktomi said...

immortality is not desirable. everything endures, but in a changed form. those things that refuse to change are the things that die.

Tao said...

Yes to both of the above :)

I the ever changing lives on.

Only ego I can die.

In fact it is nice when it does and this is why so many chase a desire of enlightenment. Although it is the ego here desiring its own end and being too self centered to notice that the goal it seeks is its own demise. Perhaps why some people laugh out loud when they get it.

Leon Basin said...

Sure do! Thanks for the reminder!