For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


The Hindus say of anything "It is all Brahman" meaning nothing, no matter how amazing, or horrible, or stupid, obscene, annoying or wonderful, is all the infinite.

It is a great way to see the world. How can anything surprise you, a "bad" person, good this, bad that, if you reflect on the fact that this is infinity? In an infinite universe of course there are bad drivers!

So how can we be upset by any woe or only attach to the happy times? Why should we desire what they have next door or wish for any certain thing to occur? All has to exist, to look for similarity, sameness, consistency is mans error and what leads to feelings of not being in control. The most well planned acts end in amusing unexpected ways, the ugliest creatures find a mate and the worst things happen to the nicest people, yet, all of things can also produce the opposite result. Life has to be a bit woohaaaa as it is infinity, being infinite. How can a universe be infinite if it contains only shopping trolleys that go in straight lines?

In contrast to this, man makes straight lines to "develop" nature. "This town is very well developed" - meaning they put straight concrete lines through it. "The process has been streamlined" - meaning it is now deadly boring.

The wind that helped you home can swoop around and rip your hat off. We can have no surprise that there is evil in the world, that a powerful nation can be run by the village idiot or by a hidden elite, that a group can come together and better the lives of many in a few kind gestures and someone can invent landmines. This mix of "good" and "bad" is no such thing as those simplistic, dualistic, notions. It is the greatest magic show before your eyes. You bang your head - laugh! Laugh your head off. You find a penny, laugh! you lose a pound, laugh! You see the cutest puppy and a second later it poops on your carpet .. All has to happen because we live in, we are, i n f i n i t y being infinite.

Infinity is ..infinite.. have no surprise when it burns your finger or pleases your ear.

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