For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

In response to myself

My post on how time and life can pass up by in the post "1, 2, 365 grab life by the balls and live it" could be seen to be in opposition to the idea of always living in the now moment.

From the viewpoint of the now mind, oneness, then the passing of days is nothing.

But not one enlightened master would tell you to ignore the linear illusion we move along. As that idea of linearity, where we experience and move from wrinkly newborn to old and wrinkly, is where we are gifted a unique perspective to view the infinity through the eyes of a human.

It is where these notions find balance and harmony enough to cancel out and not perturb the mind that that half a step back from now to wow occurs and we are timeless and blissful.

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