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Ego Elevator

Each day, often more than twice I ride the elevator, or lift as I call it, down from the 16th floor to street level.

On the ride, people get in and people get out. I stand with a smile that I feel welcomes people to either smile back or just take me as a harmless lift user. So far very few people have smiled back or even registered me instead often taking up the stare at the floor or the look into the mirror poses instead. This is ok, I don't mind that but I then watch what they do do.

They will very commonly turn to one of the mirrors in the lift and begin to preen themselves. So happy to look at themselves in the mirror but not to even look, let alone smile, at the other lift occupant. Preferring to check their outer appearance, flick hair, do little head tilts and vogues into the mirror than take one glance at the simple looking tall guy in the corner.

Maybe it is my fault, because I hardly ever look in a mirror, perhaps I have a big bogey on my face or a piece of carrot stuck to my chin. But I don't think so, I think instead that they are too tied up in little ego me world to want to run the risk of another person saying good day to them.

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