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Water use - The right thing to do

Of all the tips on saving water the final one I found on the list was

"Conserve water because it’s the right thing to do

This is my reasoning but hey, What is the right thing to do?

Are environmentalists just having us worry over nothing? Does the vast use of industry make our water use pail into insignificance? Well yes no and maybe.

There are billions of us, many of whom do not have access to a tap. Many of us do have water and live in a country where the use is not a huge issue. Thai people can run water all day at no cost or concern - but they can't drink it without filtration. The rainy country of England can not provide enough water for its residence in summer due to population crowding in certain areas and poor infrastructure. Australia does not have enough water for its residents most of whom live in the same street.

You can see that it is mainly the equatorial countries plus the highly populated section of Australia that put most strain on their environment when it comes to water use over supply. That red blob on Australia is where I live and it is a High Stress area.

My issue is not that people use water but abuse. I have traveled Australia and seen in every state and many towns, many hotels, camping grounds and hostels, signs reminding people about water use. "Don't let the tap run as you clean your teeth." Fountains with "Recirculated water in use". It is also illegal to wash your car, you must instead go to a place designed for the job where they have efficient means, recycling and so on.

Maybe my housemates don't care but I think in this case, they just "don't know". They have not seen the signs, the posters, they do not have good English so have not heard the reminders on Radio and TV so they bring their habits from home and carry on the same here.

My idea is to stand in the kitchen with 20 or 40 2 liter bottles of spring water and stand pouring it down the drain as they watch. They would probably just laugh at the funny foreigner so this demonstration would be at a loss but I may get the opportunity to say "See? See? Do you see? Do you get it now? Do you? You get it? You get it now? Now? Now do you get it?"

Anyway, My efforts to be angry are making me laugh so I'll go back to life and let this ride out however it goes.

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