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The nature of reality - It's a Doughnut

(The "You" does not move, you are the still point, the doughnut rotates in on itself as the arrow shows. The "You" remains that center point no matter what goes on around)

I remember standing by a bus shelter in Thailand and encouraging my mind to go beyond the 4th dimension.

This is a stupid task as we only form images and they are 2D and as we give them depth and continuity they are 4 dimensional space-time 'things'.

BUT - I kept returning to the doughnut. Basically you fold a line and get 2D, fold a sheet and get 3D, the only way to bend our apparent 4D spherical space-time is to wrap it around to form a doughnut.

Now, today I was out on my BMX, rushing at steps and flying off them, doing jumps, taking in the fine view of the harbour, feeling the air, the yin-yang of the peddling motion.. When it struck me to be like this..

That ever present bit, the center point of you that never changes, the stillness that all else goes on around is a point. Surround that point with a doughnut and allow the doughnut to rotate in on itself as the arrows above show.

Things go "into the past" by decaying and following the lower faded line, forming a new moment they reoccur "in the immediate future" on the darker top line, appearing as "now" just a fraction after they happen - that fraction being the time it takes us to perceive things. And that fraction also being the cause of the illusion of time.

The doughnut in truth would not be this 3D doughnut but instead infinitely flat, the upper and lower halves only present for a 3D map for this explanation.

(The "You" is the tiny central point. Reality happens just above, through you, and out the bottom. The moving doughnut is a highly enlarged 3D representation of how the past recycles to form the future) 

So there you are, now. Past and future are thought of now. There is only now. Linearity is an illusion based on fasle ideas and now is recreated, moment by moment by a flat doughnut collapsing in on itself.


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The Rambling Taoist said...

Ya see, that would be my problem too. Like Homer, I'd always want to eat the doughnut. :D

P.S. My word verification was most apt -- gulpo.