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Meditation vs Relaxation

I've become quite habitual with my meditation again. I find it really pleasurable and a very good use of time. [I'm again disliking the English language for the ways we have to say things "Use of time" hmph]

I like to take little moments and bigger ones and it serves many purposes. I make a restful hand position as I stand waiting for the lift, kettle, computer to boot, phone call to connect, someone to serve me in a shop, and take the few seconds or minutes as time to reconnect to the deeper states I meet when I take more dedicated sittings in the evenings or odd mornings.

The longer sessions have no fixed time but I sometimes get a little hooked in there and don't want to snap out. Sometimes though just a couple of minutes is all I need.

Today I had a very physical day and am very tired in body and mind. My knee is a bit bad and does not like to let me sit half lotus. Rather than worry about a sitting position I just slouched back and noticed in my tired state that I was in a really sorry way. I was not aware, my mind was like a tired drunk leaning against a wall. I was not alert, instead my breathing was shallow and eyes drooping.

I thought how poor this state was but that this is what many people do after a hard day, or do in front of the TV, or even at work. They slouch, pay no attetion and their mind becomes vacant.

So I sat up and corrected it all, corrected the breathing, got the mind in tune and aware, and realized just how great meditation is; you are very relaxed and some say it is as beneficial as sleep, but you are in a very high sense of awareness.

Meditation really is a great gift and so much more than posh relaxation.

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Shinzen Nelson said...

Yes...meditation is a wonderful gift. It has healed me in so many ways and on so many helps the world as know, that quantum physics stuff:)

Tao said...

You know it really does seem to work on the 'external' world as well as the self.

Of course there is little difference between the two but when you meditate the world around you does seem all the better for it.

The Rambling Taoist said...

I don't "formally" meditate, but I do enter meditative states quite often. I just sort of zone out. I can be in any position or location.

Leon Basin said...

I do Yoga/Meditation. Definitely could see the difference between doing them and not doing them. I try to do Yoga/Meditation everyday. I do not really have a time limit, so it gives me an opportunity to put more time whenever I need. Thanks for this post.

Fay's Too said...

What a lovely reflection on your reflections. I was touched by a client yesterday who asked me if I could teach him how to meditate. If you know that most of my clients want to medicate rather than meditate, and the amount of work this client has done to get to this point, you'd understand how blessed I feel at his asking. To see him recognize peace as an attainable thing makes my job the very best in the Universe.
(yes, I realize my ego is all over that feeling, but it's honest)