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Welcome the 50th follower of this blog just as I take a short break

I'm done with blogging again for a short while, going to have a little go at riding the horse not talking about it.

This blog nearly has 50 followers, one is me, not sure how that happened, but it's genuine as I do read it, 2 are the same person (Hi Leon) and many who I've never once seen comment from, so maybe there are 3 real followers and 40 or so people who accidentally clicked the follow button - maybe "follow" means "close" in some languages?

So I'll be back when the wind changes direction and post a little more.

Maybe tomorrow, or

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The Rambling Taoist said...

Well, I'll be anxious to read your future ruminations about the horse...or not.

Green Monk said...

Best wishes!

Breeze said...

commenting and following are not the same. I read your blog regularly but never post a comment. I follow a lot of blogs, read them all and rarely comment because I'm so busy...but I will tell you that you probably only have one or two who don't read.

I have 79 followers and hundreds of subscribers and rarely get a comment. People are reading.

Enjoy your break.

Leon Basin said...

Hey!:) We need to catch up!:) Thanks. Interesting Breeze! I have 191 followers and only 2 comment:) I always feel like no one is reading:) haha.

Anonymous said...

same as breeze here, reading al lot, almost never commenting .. i enjoy your blog, thanks for posting

Shinzen Nelson said...

Enjoy your sabbatical...and thanks... as I have met some great people and get to read invigorating comments from your site.

Leaf Dharma said...

I have 463 followers of a dead blog.