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I eat babies

I just did day one in my new job as an English teacher (oh the irony if you read my last post) - and I'm now teaching Koreans to pass their speaking examinations.

During the chat the student said how many Koreans eat dogs and I replied "hey why not? I eat babies."

The student was a little taken back but rather than get all deep and philosophical on the poor girl I asked her if she knew of the sweet "Jelly Babies".

I got away with it but would have quite enjoyed it if the lesson was philosophy or some other subject where I could delve into the rules of who eats what but had to move onto the next question on the official list.

Would it be so so wrong if I ate babies?

I'm vegetarian but my wife eats absolutely anything from the sea. I'm sure that much of the food she eats is too young to vote, much of it too young for school. She can eat babies of other species it seems and she gets a nice Fishetarian label.

My parents love lamb, lamb must be below the age to get a driving license. Certainly too young to drink or smoke but they chop it up and eat various bits with wine and sauce. Are they so bad?

I'm vegetarian because I feel more healthy this way. I have certain issues over killing if there is no need for that killing (and I think the need to kill is something for the animals to decide between themselves and not something humans should be deciding) but if someone likes dog then I'm not going to stand up and complain about it, especially if it is already dead and the ketchup bottle is already open.

Maybe peoples eating decisions and needs are best left to them. If I got on my moralistic high horse, assuming no one had eaten it from under me, then I'd say that all life is best left living if possible. I do not even swat mosquitoes. But, you want dog? eat dog, you want babies, eat them I guess.. can we draw a line?

Nature does seem to eat herself.

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Leon Basin said...

Good post again!

Shinzen Nelson said...

I agree...nice post...very thought provoking.

Benjamin said...

Why stop at babies? Would it be wrong of you to eat one of your students, or me, or your wife?

Praying mantises eat thier partners, don't they?

The Rambling Taoist said...

Speaking as a fellow vegetarian, I'm sure we both eat babies all the time. Baby carrots! Baby peas! Young sprouts! All picked and consumed before their time. :D

Earth-ling said...

ah, nice. =p