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Taoism Tao and enjoying life

This is more of a note to myself than anything, but also for anyone new who has taken a car crash spin and tumble into this blog from a google malfunction or otherwise... This blog is supposed, most of the time, to be about Tao and all that stuff.

I have recently sailed a bit off topic, which is all well and good, but I'm hoping that Te redresses the Tai Chi and my Yin Yang get a bit more in balance so that I can Wu Wei a few more Tao related posts soonish.

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Tao said...

I'm currently sitting with and empty bowl and seeing what brews.

Also I have an exam tomorrow and it just clicked what all the procrastination of rethemeing the blog was all about! My life long ability to avoid revising for exams.

Leon Basin said...

Exams as you are taking it or you giving one!?

Fay's Too said...

Hey, Baybee, when your feng is suitably shui-ed you'll get back. Remember tangents are the basis for adventure.

Tammie Lee said...

Cute playfulness in this here post.
Thank you for your thought provoking comment on my ice crystal post. Life is united~