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No thing is

"From the beginning not a thing is"
Hui Neng

There has never been such a thing as space or time or form. These are all concepts of the mind.

Without appearance of what seem to be "things", then we would not form this appearance of "time".

Things are formed from depth. Without a perception, idea, concoction as depth then there would be no forms.

From an absolutely flat image we project depth and time.

Take a second to see the flatness. The image in front of your eyes now has no depth or time. It is perfectly flat. You have done this from birth though so you will insist it has depth and duration. But they are not present and are being cast out there by you.

Also the flatness only has reality as you spread out a dot. You don't see the dot on your retina, you project the reality as being very much bigger than that dot. You project it "outside" of you to give it room to be as large as possible. You project this big flat area of colour, project it "out there" and then you map out the colours so they have depth and duration.

This dot of light on your retina. The photons are both at source and on your retina at the same time. The same photon is beaming out of the light bulb and being registered on your retina at the same time. One extremely small photon is in two places at once. You know this is false. It isn't false, but you "know" it to be false as you see the light "over there" - but you are forming that depth, space-time.

This is complete garbage until you register it as true. And at that point you see reality as what it truly is.

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