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Monk Mojo

I was walking past a shop that had a Coldplay song booming out from a set of not-quite-powerful-enough speakers - and I imagined a short cartoon of the same happening with a peaceful looking monk in my position instead of me.

The monk would walk over to the shop, pick up the amplifier and throw it into the ground smashing it to pieces, then calmly recollect his pose and walk on.

I got two ideas from this; That cartoons I made would not be that funny, but secondly that it would be great all the same to have cartoons about this sort of thing.

I came home to find an email from Leaf Dharma (of buddhisttorrents) and he had mailed me a link to Monk Mojo and his funny comics on Zen and all that stuff.

Now I'm supposed to pick one and place it here for you to see but instead I'll let you go there and view them all yourself. (if you have a self).

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Tao said...

"Enlightenment has no likes and dislikes - but Coldplay were sent to test that theory"

Why in such a position of musical influence, an ear for melody, an attractive wife, no need to be melancholic he pumps out the most trite of all music, I don't really know.

Maybe his role in life is to reinforce the truth that 'Money and happiness are not the same thing' and he truly is rich and miserable.

I hate Coldplay.

Tao said...

I have 2 potential punchlines to the Monk idea.

One is that the monk, after smashing the radio, rips off his robe to reveal a "Taoists accept the flow" T-shirt or tattoo and an explanation of how a quick and effective burst of action to enable peace is all good.

Two being a caption something like "Shattering illusions" or "Direct methods for inner peace"

But maybe I'll leave the cartoons to Monk Mojo and I'll stick to airy theories on the infinite.