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Tao Thusness

For something to be up, we must have first established down.

For something to be right, we must first have established what is wrong.

('first have' but more like 'also')

Embracing these opposites as complimentary. Independent. Is Tao.

Then though we still have ideas of time and space which are also just ideas based off a start point: future and past complement each other, left compliments right.. We hold these ideas as meaningful but they are too just interdependent, complimentary, inseparable ideas.

Dissolving all concepts to that from which they are born we have the infinite. Infinity can have no time. No linear idea of time can exist in infinity. So any idea based on linearity, say big bang or God's creation are falsehoods. In infinity there is no possibility of time, space, past or future as by containing every possibility it can have no specific qualities.

Embracing this is Thusness.

Things are thus. Things are just like this, like so. There was no Lego set, no start, no creator, no creation even. Nothing ever started, nothing will end - it is just thus.

I'm sorry but any nagging doubts you have or calls to argue this point will be based only on ideas, 2nd hand ones, that all exist in interdependence of a greater infinity. No ones solutions or answers, science, religion, anything are able to reach the infinite and still exist. Come infinity they have been burned.

Once infinity is seen, then things are thus.

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