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Pacifying the Australian public in readiness for takeover

If I showed a person a different dissected animal each few hours, over and over again, and said "do not panic" they would eventually, although still internally affected and shocked, become desensitized to the event.

Strangely in the city of Sydney and I would hazard a guess that this is global, please tell me if you've seen similar, they are placing Police on street corners and blasting out a very very loud alarm. The alarm has a voice along side it saying that this is a test of the city's warning system for terrorist or natural disasters and that everyone should calmly do as the police tell them to.

Along side this they have placed dot matrix readouts around the city that display a message "Disaster alarm No one should panic".

Is this to desensitize people? I'd say so, as that is the effect it has. The alarm is quite obnoxious, very loud, but people just go about their days.


Yesterday I was at a very nice building, Macquarie University Sydney, and in reception they had a news channel on. As I have said in the past I have no TV so had not seen anything like this. It was super slick; a pretty lady and older looking respectable kind of man, repeated over and over, for the whole time I was there: Murder, death, stabbing, Al Qaeda, bombing, rape, kidnap - and when they got low on material, repeated the same stories as if they were new.

I felt very sorry for the staff there who have this pumping into them all day long. In fact I would not relish a conversation with any of them as what would they talk about?

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Tao said...

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The Rambling Taoist said...

Gee, you folks down under are so behind the times. ;) We've had to put up with this shtick for nearly the entire decade here in the US.