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Work in progress

Sorry about the mess, I got to messing with the blog layout and all I do is live to the world so all 3 of you will have to bear with me. *

Font is a little hard to read and the top picture means you have to scroll on every page load (on my small screen that was the case anyway with the old layout).

I'll probably revert the layout soon enough, but I'm just playing...

Credit for the picture goes to zastavki.

EDIT: Hey the new ability to make your "labels list" into a "Tag Cloud" on Blogger is nice (see top of blog).

* If things look really messy then try "the Shift Key and F5" to "force refresh" the page - forcing the browser to reload all elements not just the stuff it thinks has changed. If it still looks really bad then please tell me in the comments section what browser you are using.

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Tao said...

Well I'll see what I think tomorrow but it's not too bad is it?

This new layout...

Does black hurt anyone's eyes? Too hard to read? anyone miss the old layout?

Leon Basin said...

I like it actually. !:)

Leon Basin said...

I think the guy on top is the best!:) But then again... I liked the old one too. Anyway to combine both of them?