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He He He Ha Ha Ha Haaaa Ha Ha!!!

I'm so glad of the internet abbreviation WTF as it just sums it up... WTF?!

If anyone needs to justify or further attack this then, to the comments section we go...

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Tao said...


I may delete this post and thereby all comments as it is out of line with the blog and could receive the wrong kind of attention and detract from the other articles.

Meanning that yes, like a huge corporation such as OSHOinc, USAinc, or any other corporation I will censor this if it does not go my way.

Such is freedom.

Tao said...

But seriously, what is this? Osho is wearing large shoulder pads, mirror shades and a suit like star trek. He then allows the suckers to suck him in like the very barrier between them and the divine he preaches no one should allow another to be, then sits in a big chair and talks like an old decrepit monk with such long pauses between words he may as well be saying nothing...

This is an abomination. This is Jesus^2 with lashings of corporate bull.

Fuck people have to wake up. God, Jesus etc are barriers to your spiritual freedom! A guru of this nature is probably worse.

Ok, he says wise things... well none of his words are original, he recites them all from past masters, none of whom looked like MC Hammer doing a P Diddy. Looks aren't important to truth? Well why the show? It is designed to sucker and define hierarchy.

.... can we add or detract? ...

I know I will add more when I return in some hours..

C. Om said...

I have never heard Osho speak, but have come across his words here and there. I always liked what I read. He has the true knowing.

Now as far as this "show" he is putting on here, I can not say. On one hand, I very much see your point about the master not getting in the way of the teaching. On the other hand, I think there will be a critic for every teacher.

Despite the fact that the teaching itself is about realizing our divinity and connectedness to everything, the teaching still always comes from someone. The message is delivered by a specific manifestation of the universe. That being the case, people's opinions about that specific manifestation will always vary. Opinions are relative.

I see more and more how our opinions are like mirrors. If I see something and do not like it, there is something in it that reflects a part of me that I am not fond of. When someone gets to a certain level of awareness, there is nothing that exists that they will be in resistance to. I, myself, am still on the road, but I'm sure the destination exists.

In this particular case, I didn't notice anything unusual about his appearance until you pointed it out. I do agree with your observations, but it would not have raised much of a response from me had I come across it alone.

People might one day say the same of me. I do like to wear shades, and I do like to speak of self awareness and consciousness of our divinity. Would I be wrong?

The Rambling Taoist said...

The best teacher is thyself!

Anne Partain said...

Hello everybody, I think I'll stay out of this one. But good thought of you all! Anne

Buddha Torrents said...

There's a reason why I never post anything from this flake.