For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Other people are strange...

... therefore life is perfect.

I can't relate to people who are certain ways, certain view points, certain mindsets, violent, closed, self centred, materialistic, non-spiritual.... normal it seems, I don't relate to normal people. I find normality a great waste of potential.

Yet these differences, the violent ways of some, the shopping people and the sport people, the seemingly stupid, are all the colour of life, they are the dance of creativity. I am focusing on a dot on the page and calling it dull when if I stand back there is a full picture and the dot is a part.

To go on though, I can't see how people see. They seem to see only the surface, a world of things, a world they were born into and are separate to. They see a world of stuff they can have or wish to have or like or dislike.

Where a tree is not even seen, a phone can be old and not cool, a bug is something to tread on an disregard as nothing, a pest. In all cases, bar the phone, I see magic. I see a bug and stare, I see a tree and my mind opens, I see each moment as quite incredible. The most simple things are not simple, they are the universe acting out in a level of creativity and perfection far beyond any of our individual minds.

I see wonder.

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