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New post soon

I have had my longest break from posting since I started the blog. I would like to say welcome to the new visitors and how much I am enjoying reading your blogs too. There are a lot of nice switched on people out there that only this kind of medium lets you meet.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

My theory on the frequency of blog posting is that one should only post when the words want to make themselves known. So, I would say the words within you are simply congealing now and you'll know when the time is right.

C. Om said...

I really enjoy coming across others who 'get it'. Blogging and other social networking sites are truly amazing at helping people of similar frequencies come together.

The internet is our combined consciousness digitized. Sooner than later, I would like to see us take the whole thing up a few levels. And if not, I love it just the same.

Tao said...

Good points both :)

I just thought I'd mention esoteric tube while I am here as there are more new interesting movies there.

Leon said...

I love esoterictube. Thanks for your wonderful posts.

Leon Basin said...
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