For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Where are we tring to get to?

When viewed from overhead there is the swarm of life here on the surface of earth, waves of motion, light and human traffic. If a bird is like a fish in the ocean of air then we are the crabs on the ocean bed, tied to the bottom, skittering about. We lay great claim to the thin layer we call ours and we attempt to spread to the skies and the seas in our little inventions, that do work, but you never see a flock of birds plummet to the floor because another bird with political agenda planted baking soda in the lead birds belly.

Our inventiveness, in fact the inventiveness of very few, gradually improved on by a few more, gets the rest of us around each day. Show any car to someone 200 years ago and it would be magic, a space vehicle, made of exotic materials they could neither find nor fashion - to the modern driver now it is nothing, no good, not fast enough, cool enough, ...

The animal is nature enjoying itself, breeding comes, offspring come, some die, some thrive. When we have babies we force nature with chemical additives to not allow babies to die or in other cases we force the baby to die with different chemicals. We live in mini palaces higher than Kings of old could dream of, even the TV in the modern home is a jewel that you could swap for a castle way back when.

We don't hunt for food or know what plant has; "a stalk that when chewed tastes of potato and fills the belly, the leaf can be rubbed on wounds and the root a medicinal tea." We harvest the exact same crops for the exact same purposes over and over on "market driven needs". We eat food packaged in such a way that it may have 10 ingredients, 5 of which are to make it the same as if you opened another package a year later, another 3 to make sure the flavour matches intent and then the actual food, pulverized so we could never recognise it. We could not say what over 90% of ingredients look like in nature (assuming they are natural) and as for natural foods we eat, who can draw a realistic cashew plant in flower?

So what is our intent from this life?

"To go on! To have a family, to carry the gift of life on to future generations, to improve life for them!"

I am sure I would hear that response from many people and I am taken aback by it, especially after me painting the picture of what we call life as the chemical rat race, that they could still give the answer. TRUE: A child to a loving couple is a gift, it is a wonder, they made this, they love it, it is the outcome and completion or ongoing motion of their love story. Yet -- A child to many, the majority of births, come from no such intent of love: The child may be born of accident, will to give meaning to life or relationship, what they thought they should do, a way to provide for themselves in old age, a school crush, the first meaningless sexual encounter of a young flitting couple of lustful boy and love struck girl, the outcome of a test tube coupling of sperm and egg to give the gift of life to the couple who could not have alone, the woman trying to find meaning and keep the man.... All magical, maybe, many may form good lives, but is this the intent of our being?

If a baby was a gift then blessings are handed out in large number to people who would no doubt prefer to be blessed with a new car, iPod or winning lottery ticket as the intent was to bolster ego not improve the world. It is true that babies bring great pleasure to many couples, it is essential for the human race to breed and some people make for great parents, but is it our goal in life to breed?

If it were our sole intent to breed then wouldn't we be made a little differently? Humans live way beyond practical breeding age, way way beyond in many cases. If we were here to breed and make the next generation, then what is the purpose of that next generation? The purpose seems a little futile if the sole intent is to keep it going. So is it then to move on but provide a better world for the next generation? Could be.. it could be, but if so I have to say that the ship has gone off course and why in that case are people pinning hopes on a future not relishing now?

I will not stand in the ridiculous position as to say that babies are no good for life, that we should on mass not breed! That would be crazy! And as I started out by saying, it is life, and we all do it, birds, badgers and buffaloes do it. But I will say it is not the purpose of life, it must be dropped down to its position of nature flowing, not magic, not a gift, just nature moving on, replacing the old with the new, the flow of life.

So then, it is not with purpose that we breed as that is to say that the purpose is the purpose and a 16 year old girl with 3 children is perfection indeed. Babies are part of the ongoing flow of life, as is death, eating, breathing, loving and enjoying.

So what do I see as the purpose? What are we here to do?

I see this as the emergent finding of our times, I see people getting this truth more and more all the time: We are here as representatives of the whole being of life itself, we are here to recognise our true nature, to recognise perfection in our seeing and what we see, to fully recognise the magic of what we are - This is what we are here to do. That has great meaning to future generations and to us right now. If the goal was baby, baby grows and has baby... NO. If the goal was baby, baby grows invents TV, has baby, grows to invent DVD, has baby... NO. The goal is we get fully in tune with our true nature, our true self and that magic is amplified the more who recognise it and we have a future worth bringing future generations into. And more importantly we have a now, a blissful perfected now that has people not striving on, but relishing life, holding on to nature, loving, enjoying, living! Having and enjoying the wonder of life here now and not striving to some goal, always just out of reach.

We are not a mechanism, who makes new parts, we are the reflection of the whole mind, we are not people who, as separate to the world, magically produce new people who do the same, we are a reflection of the magic that people take for granted. People see baby as magic but breathing as normal. Breathing is magic, seeing is magic, being is magic, life, living, tasting, touching, projecting reality, are all magic. This being that we put into the rat race, the work for the new car, the "ongoing fight until death" is like a horse stepping our of the meadow, applying blinkers to its own eyes, attaching a plough to its own back and pulling it until he dies.

Run through the fields!!!

The only thing required to fulfil this is for each person, one by one, to stop looking forward and just open their eyes to right now. I am not pinning my hopes on this change occuring, it has already occured here - I just ask those who are seeing the potential to too stop the searching, sit back and wow. There is no where to go, it's here.

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