For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

What's stopping your enlightenment? 2

I was going to answer in the comments section, but it became longer than many articles...

Eugene said: "But how can a person know how to live well if life is so troubling? You have to learn enlightenment too."

Tao said: There is no you to be enlightened or to learn how to be, only to unlearn the barriers that keep you from the very fact that you are infinity dancing.

Life seems to be troubling when we have a certain set of glasses on and not when we wear others.

There is absolutely certainly something quite magical going on that lets you be you and me be me and have this reality cast about us.

Life is certainly also awful when we look on the human level of manipulation, corruption, disease and war.

It seems, although I can be no authority on the subject, that the conciousness behind the magic is cured by each person realising the truth behind the illusion.

Once the person has been in touch with this then the whole is 1/7billionth closer to absolute perfection.

We do not stop bombs with bombs, we can not end an argument by taking part, you can make 100 laws but not one to stop suffering or poverty. What in fact ends the problems is non-interaction, not blind ignorance but not interacting on the same level as the problem at hand.

The world will continue to spiral into this pit of everyone watching everyone else until the insanity is epidemic. Then only the few that were able to step back will be left to make it right.

Imagine a room of 20 people arguing and 10 working out ways to end the argument. Now a room of 20 arguing and 10 enlightened folk smiling at each other laughing at the illusion of life.

Which room is going to be calmer in an hours time?

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Tao said...

yes someone could go and give the enlightened folk a kick in the face but I would still venture the outcome be better in that room than the same occurring in room 1.

Eugene said...

But ""The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears
of Understanding." -Kybalion

Tao said...

If there is someone or thing between you and truth then yes it will not be seen.