For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

The real me(ditation)

I was meditating for no particular reason, which I think is the best way, just aimlessly enjoying the bliss of it all, and I honed in on that little sweet spot for some time.

As I was aimlessly re-emerging to normal waking conciousness I thought that; 'that right there, that spot is the only true me there is'. The rest, these thoughts now, the typing, moving air, moving world, rotating galaxies, breath even, the whole lot up and down the spectrum of infinity is changing. I got a nice perspective on the suffering in the world (I had just watched two Tibet documentaries) and I saw my whole life and being, and that of others, as simply movement. The moving of my now awake mind and body and so on were just movement and change too. The only true bit that was me, and will always be me, is that little sweet spot that is always there but sensed most intensely in meditation.

I thought, 'ok, that is it, that is the only bit I can trust as being always present, from birth and I may guess death, always the same, all else is change so I will now only associate with that little sweet bliss spot as that is the only non-changing truth.' In a way like Descartes said "I think therefore I am" (which I think is a rubbish statement) I had my own version in saying the basis now of all my thought should only be this point, it is the only reality that will not change, is ever present, non-dual, and real.

So all thoughts on the world, life, what is right or wrong are junk. It is obvious when viewed from 'there' that even the most well intended actions on the world are farts in a room of purified air. The universe acting out it's beautiful dance of creativity, includes me to the very core and it is all change. The only bit that is certain and fixed is the inner blissful core.

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brad4d said...

..there is the point...of conception..and getting conclusion has points of purpose in between, or is that just a line?
..paradox of meditation as stimulating relaxation..

Tao said...

reemerging from singlepointedness to the world and language of 'this did that', we find all sorts of strange things. The paint needs canvas, so I can't paint purity unless I leave the flax plant in the field.