For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Compulsory things to do before you live

Many have the list of things to do before they die, but I suggest 2 things to do before you live;

1) Go to places where life is rotten, with slums and disease.

2) Trip very very heavily. (not at the same time as 1)

When we meet people in life who have very narrow perspectives of what life is we can be taken aback by their outlook and self centred views.

"I'm getting a new phone this weekend as this one is old."
"The train journey was so boring it was 3 hours."
"We have a new TV now as the old one was not widescreen/thin enough/the right colour/the remote control broke/..."
"I hate people from countryX as they are all Y and Z" (insert country and xenophobic racist comments).
"Life is so hard for me I have NO money I mean like ZERO cash for getting pissed this weekend."

etc, etc,

None of them, not one, knows what life can be like, how lucky they are or what the world behind the visible universe consists of.

I suggest compulsory tripping for all and compulsory travel to places very very different to your own. Get an understanding for the universe behind the mask and see life as it can be.

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