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Small vehicle

I like the idea of the Grand Vehicle of Buddhism in that there will be suffering until the last person attains enlightenment, it is a fine compassionate model, but I feel the practicality of the Small Vehicle has benefits.

With the Small Vehicle it is sufficient to cure yourself and this works on 4 levels I can identify even without trying too hard;

1) The grand vehicle is looking to humanity and will never know the state of beings in other dimensions or levels of perspective/awareness to humanity so could never fully know if the goal had been achieved.

2) Both vehicles require the self to be corrected first and so the work done there is beneficial either way, the Grand Vehicle has no standing over the Small in this case but the Small sets a realizable goal.

3) Once enlightened then the enlightened being sees all as enlightened so the job is done at that point. Once the person has come to the full realization then there are not even any other beings to enlighten as all is one. In suffering or ecstasy they are all faces on the one jewel. Certainly the enlightened being is not contributing negatively to any situation so is in no wrong. Even selfishly ignoring war and suffering is not bad in this case as the perspective is different, no harm is done, and it could be seen that the state of the individual could even be helping cure the world even by apparent non-action. Non-interference in matters in this case is a high attribute. "I know how to leave it alone". "The grass grows by itself". "The water settles not by playing with it". "Bombs don't stop bombs and shouting does not end an argument".

4) Compassion for all is a nice notion but can your perception ever be so encompassing and still accurate? It is tough to put yourself in the shoes of another and certainly impossible to do that for 7billion people. We can feel compassion for those in war-torn parts of the earth but is it for us to suffer for their suffering? I think not for two reasons and yes for one obvious one. Obviously we feel for them, this takes no explanation but the two reasons we can put it aside are that 1) If we were them we would handle it, so we must trust them to do the same. Also if we were suffering greatly we would not want others to mourn us, we would want them to enjoy life. A cancer victim would rather have happy people around them than mournful souls. 2) We can not fully know their feelings or intentions, we may offer up a solution that misses their true needs or we may misunderstand their wishes or ways of reasoning.

So the Small Vehicle is enough I believe as it makes enlightenment realizable and as a bonus it could lead to the grand realization of the Grand vehicle if all beings awaken, it does not stand in the way of that goal only facilitate. It is not restricted by suffering outside of our control and it reminds us of the fact that self realization is the key. All can not be awake if you are not first awake and we can not awaken others on their behalf. When we are awake then we are more useful to the world than when in bondage. This key to fixing the self and ultimately the world lies then with the Small Vehicle.

And the Small Vehicle does nothing against the Grand Vehicle only facilitate the goal.

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