For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Thoughts around the time of my death

We are in a sea of consciousness like a fish is in the sea.

I can't die as I have lived for ever, I am it, and i always will be so can never die. I simply reincarnate as environment for, and experiencing organism of, over and over, just for the pleasure of it.

and my truth had 3 letters

and they are WOW


You are essential. You exist in your role, because you are part of the whole;

And so exist forever.

Reality exists for precisely as long as you are human; as time is only made by you then;

So you were un-born for no time and will be dead for no time.

Knowing you are witness to that entire process, and the reason for it, is mind-blowing.

But then as you are it, and it is you, so there is no mind to blow.

You are here to entertain yourself. Just remember who that is! Yourself is I, that which is, so when you are being nice to yourself don’t forget that that self is also me, this grass and that bird.

The middle of anything is you;

So things only exist by your knowing an opposite.

Feelings too;

Knowing concepts such as life and death bring on some of these feelings.

Knowing that complete process, which can have life and death as a part of its majesty, will discount those feelings as relative only to your ego and real only if you so want them. And you don’t.

Don’t take anything the wrong way. If it seems bad, you got it wrong. Arguments only exist by your seeing an opposite;

But then error in overusing that fact leads to so called fact.

Then arguments would exist only by your not seeing the opposite.

You witness all you set your mind to and process a slither of reality where you are the only one who can’t see you.

Until you realise that which is seen is you.

Nothing exists of itself but only in relation to everything other than itself.

Yet they are One. Impossible, to correctly conceive, alone.

There is no mind body split but only the resultant middle of that argument.

That middle is an ecology of all manifestations, yet cares not for the labels.

No time passes.

Time is 100% occupied by you from birth to death and has no further relativity to exist by outside of that lifespan.

Any old arguments in your head making the universe seem old are invalid.

It is old relative only to your perception of time; and that is only valid for your lifespan. If you are 31, then the universe has existed for 31+ laps of our sun. When you die, no matter what your age then you have lived for the exact age of the universe.

It takes you to see that that which is other than you exists. It takes that which is other than you to allow for that.

The one you are is that which is.

Inseparable, the same.

The eyes do not look, they absorb. The mind is responsible for looking; its failure here is the splitting of one of the sensory inputs into values, good and bad. These only exist due to the mind itself – here is the illusion.

The stiller the viewer, the more that is seen.

Why seek happiness?
When the quest only defines sadness!
Breathe deep, or sit,
for; ‘this is It!’

The greatness of forming time and space from a sequence of 2D images we extract from the eternal moment is that it is and can only be the gateway to bewilderment, rapture and laughter - at It/you.

Due to It being, in its purest sense, One and All – and what can see or experience that? It reincarnates as both environment-suitable-for and Experiencing-organism-of.

You/It die with every death, are born with every birth, consume yourself, and depend entirely on each other for the experience of experiencing.

Should you go with the ego trap, (an ego forced into existence from polarities; this and that, good and bad, mind and matter) then you will suffer a polarised existence; you will experience due to fallacies of division – probably not tested by you but taught to the ego.

Should you come from beneath the ego, from the outside/inside of the ecology of your life then you should feel at one only with that which is you/It, or truly, It – so then see subsequently, the complete picture; that you cause It, including that tiny spot where the ego used to sit claiming it had you covered(!) over that big divide(!) of you vs the world(!).

At the time of a natural thought there is often a good answer or a spontaneous action with no interference. The mind, however, can monitor the nervous system and memories of previous monitoring. This feedback loop gets you; thinking, in trouble, analysing; pulling the past and future fallacies into, and thus vastly cluttering, the otherwise pleasantly fun, but not seen that way at the time, eternal-timeless-moment.

That is: The greatness of forming time and space from a sequence of 2D images we extract from the eternal moment is that it is and can only be the gateway to bewilderment, rapture and laughter - at It/you.

Death is like one of those timeless sleeps where you feel great afterwards but it could have been a microsecond between falling to sleep and waking. No time would be seen to pass.

It’s actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing that death would be a drawn out affair until the end of time itself. The wolf in that fallacy derives from the life side of the equation having that wolf dressed as a cute sheep, as the vivid illusion time; so leading to you perceiving false concepts of death as relative to that time illusion, which at its worst, can seem to drag.

But time doesn’t drag (it sits where it belongs in the world of concept) when you are you at the time of natural thought.

Seemingly no thought at the time, yet all gets done; only seen as thought when the feedback loop reports pleasure at re-experiencing something it liked before.

Don’t go running off with that false pleasure the feedback loop (ego) is offering though. Instead, work towards stillness of mind where the moment is uncluttered, even by time passing, and those no thought times will reign.

Was the best thing, at the best time, the most excellent fun time, just the greatest part of the most wonderful great thing that ever happened to you… planned?

Shut-up then!

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao

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