For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


In yoga, Tai Chi and so on we stretch, relax, breathe, ...and we feel benefits.

Watch someone who is not using these techniques;

Wake feeling tired, smoke, eat something heavy, drink strong coffee, sit hunched up on the bus, arrive at work, smoke in a hunched up posture, furrowed brow, sucking the smoke in, hurriedly disposing of the butt, into the office, tapping their foot as the kettle boils, whisking the coffee off to their desk, hunching over the desk, hand cramped over the mouse, furrowed brow, squinting eyes at the in-box, shallow breathing, tapping the fingers and toes, grinding their teeth, rubbing their chin, .... it's only 9am ... Lunch comes, outside, smoke, buy greasy food or withered salad to justify the fat belly from last nights midnight pizza, grumbling over this and that, hunched back, tapping toes....


As we get in tune we find tensions all over the body but we remove them one by one with breath and posture, exercises, tuning. With time the body is flexible and comfy to be in, the body is not so apparent and we are light and free.


Wake up, breath in, love the view out of the window either if it is rain bathing nature or sun hitting our eyes, out to the bus, looking at the trees, listening to the birds, on the bus, comfortable posture, breathing, blissful head, learning from the world in near silence, at work the pot of green tea is made for the morning run, sitting is comfortable, no tensions so the legs drop comfortably into a wide sitting stance, knees drop, no tension in the thighs, brow, or shoulders, mouth loose, eyes fresh, then the tasks are taken one by one with each deep full breath... it's only 9am...

Come lunch time, things are under control, tea pot needs refilling, ....

Tensions held in the body are the same tensions felt in the mind. Stretching out your inner thighs for a comfortable sitting position, a strong back for sitting and standing, good deep breathing, loose jaw, brow, neck, shoulders, no tension in the body means the mind is free to operate at its best on the task at hand.

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Eric Dubay said...

Very well put. It's quite difficult to extrapolate the inumerable benefits of yoga/vegetarianism etc. to people who haven't experienced these for themselves. There is a general feeling of lightness, light body, light mind, gracefulness of movement and thought... try doing yoga every day and eat vegan for a week, then stop yoga on the 8th day and eat a big steak. HEAVYness consumes you. Heavy body, slow thoughts, waaantt tooo sleeeeep.