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When is bliss?

The mind is multi-threaded; able to day dream, hum a song, negotiate a car journey, chew a nail, and more all at once. As the mind has this tendency to swirl around on it's aimless multi-threaded path then work on the multiple chakras is a one way to calm it. If you are in touch with chakras (which like a separate self don't truly exist, but like a separate self, persist in seeming too), then you can sense a certain lovely feeling in the very top of your head, lower outer brain section, throat, heart area, gut, groin, even lower and even higher, you can if you wish feel a chakra as if it were above your head, they all emanate from one source but you can notice them as separate.

We do not need to work on chakras any lower than the solar plexus, really the top of head, head and heart are the keys and the solar plexus is a nice grounding point, when bliss can be felt in any at will, then calling the throat, groin or base or any other into line is simple. As the mind can hum a song, think and fidget all at once, then we can instead occupy the mind with recognition of the 3 or 4 most powerful chakras; then extend that to the throat, gut, groin, ground, and from those points sense a line joining them all. This thread can then extend upwards even out of the body. Maintaining the sense of bliss throughout this activity is highly beneficial, the mind is unable to wander as it is transfixed on the bliss here now.

So the mind would like the future of X, Y or Z to occur, or to mull over past A, B or C's, but on drawing it to now we remind our wandering mind that "here it is, this is what you are trying to get to". Reminding your inner self often of the truth that bliss is "right here" then we can ask our nature to look in, not out, for answers.

The next time you catch your mind wandering off, don't try to solve issues, or think how to achieve goals, just grab a hold on the most prominent chakra and spread your awareness to the rest. Breathing will become noticeably slower and deeper, bliss will flow and: When 'now' is right, so then is the next now, and the next. The future isn't going to arrive, now is the future, perfecting now means there is no future to plan for, no past to regret. Get now right and life is right.

Perfecting the self can be seen as the highest step in fixing the world, looking out to fix the self or the world, .... you'll never get there ........................


A note on solving problems is just just ask the question internally then completely forget about it. The answer will come when it is ready, interaction will spoil the clarity of the reply.

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