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If I look at you and you at me, then I exist in your mind only and you in mine only. Who started it? There is only one mind of which we share, our MEness is from one source (of no source) and our separation is hallucination. Our our, our being an our, a me, an I, a Bob, Janet, a dog, a fish, a hive of bees, is hallucination. Don't think for any one moment it is a bad hallucination that should be stopped or cured - it is wonder beyond belief.

There was no begining to all of this, time is a fabrication of MEness, there is no solidity to any notion built from a hallucinatory foundation. All your ideas are formed to explain the dream we share and if a vegetarian can explain the taste fish pate to an amoeba then fine carry on trying to explain the grand mind to a human. The level of awareness is simply so far removed, the senses so restricted as to blind, the entity attempting explanation too a hallucinatory conceived fallacy, contained in the very thing they aim to explain, that it is surely a dog trying to feed from an image on TV.

No line can be drawn, no definition made, the human can not know the totality. The totality can not know the human except in terms of the humans reason. The totality is acting as human and is as fallible in this role as the human as - that is what a human is, totality dressed as a human. Once it takes the role of human it is restricted by the role.

Truth is realized not in language or accomplishment, it serves no direct medal to the ego except to dissolve the ego and reduce it's claim to being. In this way truth is desirable as it removes falsehood and provides a sharper image of that which is, but the ego desiring it is what is lost with each motion towards the goal that it so selfishly desires. Like a fly called to the light it will surly perish from its desire - and this provides a shockingly blissful realisation of truth that, oddly, no one remains to see. At the time of realization, the realizer has disappeared.

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Tao said...

Commenting on my own blog again...

I have to point out before anyone else does, the obvious flaws in language. I, me, it did this, the great mind, all unfortunately seem like a one talking of another and there is no such.

The language is used to paint a picture in the best way under the restrictions of the language. No truth lives in words, read them, drop them, and the essence will remain.

Eric Dubay said...

Wow man... I'm seriously inspired with each post and you're getting noticeably deeper and more eloquent every day. Keep it up, you're helping me remain conscious of subtler levels of reality with your daily reminders. Peace


Tao said...

did you read "who whistled?"?

This post was sort of a rambling addendum to the already rambling "who whistled?"

glad you enjoyed.

Eric Dubay said...

I did read that... I was left speechless... clicked on the comment option and couldn't think what to write. Great stuff


Psiplex said...

Nailed it Tao Wow! Love you!