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Straightening it out

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There are big holes in any of my points, should I polish them out I would be left with little to nothing.

When man builds a park in a city, or places a tree in a street he is admitting his straight line solid designs are an unnatural blight on the earth. A statue in a park is a vain attempt at claiming nature, a tree in a street is admission and a nod to nature that "yes, you got it". Just one tree provides more aesthetic value to the road than any building.

The road through the local park, with it's one way system for cars is the most unnatural way man here chooses to blend with nature. People drive one hand on the wheel, one holding a mobile phone, missing the trees, plants, lakes and birds, in and out in 20 minutes. Nature blends by wiggling it's roots under the road, dropping its leaves on the paths and reshaping man made lakes to its own designs.

In the main lake of the park designers built large pillars with a sculpture of a different bird on each one, real birds sit on top and poo, the poo looks great. In a neighbouring smaller, insignificant brown lake, lilies have taken over, they have produced a cool area of the park with nice flowers and sprawling leaves, people love it, no one looks at the man made bird pillars, they look at natures reclaim of the small lake.

An ugly toilet building was erected in the park with that awful 1970's square/flat/crap style just for the benefit of small bladdered old ladies and young flirting couples with nowhere to rub. It is a blight on the park but for the ivy that has chosen to take it back. The doors have been sealed up, the ivy has re-claimed most of the building and it is a great example of nature's graffiti, the way nature wiggles over man's straight lines and perfects them.

You can take any point I make and place a straight line through any argument, you can one by one break down the points until the idea is altogether gone. Nature wiggles back.

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