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Silent magic

Silence is the purest doctrine, it is so perfect. Not silence in sound but silence in mind and thought.

You can lie, sit, stand, walk, wash, chop, stir, play with water, watch a tree or any such simple action and be blown away by the perfection of it - until you think. This is why science is often lifeless as it insists on taking things one by one, bit by bit, as if there were any bits even! The bits are made by the mind and the understanding is, from that point, incomplete and lifeless.

I think an empty mind is perfection, yet I also wonder how can an empty mind be perfection? Is it not too simple? It can not explain itself. -- but then I realise the problem - I'm thinking.

If I could write silence of mind down I would need a new word so here it is, there did you see it? It is all over the page, between each word, not the comma, the space. The space between the words, the space between thoughts,             ahh,             there you go, a little more than normal...

give the mind some room to see the truth,

nice isn't it?

Now watch for the gaps between your thoughts and see how much nicer they are than the thoughts.

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao

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Psiplex said...

Beautifully stated Tao Wow! Indeed, there are some great teachings revealed when we can come to the Absolute in silence and humility. Listening, rather than talking or using the monkey mind opens up a connection to wisdom.

Thank you for posting!

One Love