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Wow is beyond that god dude.

A follow up from the great Who Whistled? post.

Now to add a little about this God dude too. God to those who claim him to exist is always something separate to them, someone who can look over them, make decisions, have will, guide, bless. This is not infinity. If they say it is infinite then then must drop the qualities, they wont so can't.

This is like a + worshipping a - and missing the electricity of it all. Nothing exists to be worshipped, on worshipping anything a split is made, infinity is lost and the realm of fallible human mind is entered.

To delimit infinity to a named entity with qualities fails. It is simply giving name to the limit of your imagination. Nothing, not anything, not you, not the whole, is worship-able. The act sets up a duality, a split of mind and rubs dirt in the eye of perfection.

No god, get over it people, the truth is beyond such separateness. The truth is more than can be named and so I call it not name, but reaction, wow!

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Psiplex said...

Very refreshing. You must have wrestled with this in your spirit as it came out original and forthright. It is a difficult subject to approach, let alone being controversial. Many folks have a god-nerve that reddens at the slightest brush. You handled this well and left the options open and to be individually discovered.


Tao said...

Cheers, I did have to get to the bottom of it but once I did it was quite apparent there is no room for a separate god. As if you were god to an ant and when he did bad (by your standards) you trod on him, kind of powerful separate entity.

The only possible god is "that which is" the magic of life, nature, and all and that is unworshipable and unnameable as doing so delimits. No point calling "the whole" god as it provides reverence to an unavoidable, unknowable, unnameable - naming delimits, causes the very dual that the not naming was setting up to avoid.

Also has the Christians saying "See, yes, that is god, the omnipresent" -- This is why I had to cover that base with the qualities that they give to god. The whole can not have qualities like Loving as there is also hating and infinite love + a bit of hate, is not infinity. The "one with no two", outside of duality, can carry no qualities.

This article was not for me as I'm well beyond the notion, but I had to state it for the various people I come into contact with who still hold onto a fairy tale, and try to pollute every notion; Tao, infinity, the ground of all being, with the idea that "that is god" -- fuck off it isn't ;-)

God, it may take them a long time to realize, they may even never, is the thing keeping them from bliss as it makes them feel separate and ropes them onto the world of duality like a noose.