For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Wet bird

"The stiller the viewer, the more that is seen" - Is something I said once and it struck me again but in different words today and became "The less of a viewer..."

Nature is beyond words and is living Tao, if the world could just see the magic there and not keep running around trying to shape life into a misfit reflection of mini-mind, then all would be well - and all IS well for those of us who do do that.

One bird flew with a heavy load of nest material and hit the tree, crashing into the branches. The shaking rocked the other tree dwellers and then crash bird had to struggle to get a footing and place his over egged basket on the branches before it fell. The other birds shuffled in their seats and a number of us human types stopped to look on, smile and laugh.

Below the tree, which was on an island in the lake, another of the same kind of bird was standing with his wings held up and out. He was allowing the sun and wind to dry them I would guess and he just stood, occasionally shifting his footing. Did he know the sun, a large electrical anode, and the wind, the air on an electromagnetic flux, were what were drying the liquid state hydrogen/oxygen mixture off his waxed, tubular feathers?

As the other humans moved on, I stayed. I watched crash bird decide against the crash landing point as a place to stay, pick up his materials and plummet out of the tree back into the water with a splash. He re-emerged and with a shake of his wings the water was off his back and he swam, load splitting up as he pulled it along. Drying bird stood on, drying. The other birds did nest stuff and two proud black swans marched the lake's perimeter looking for troublemakers and bread litterers to honk at.

As this happened none of the water forgot to be wet, no bird fell through the tree as the wood forgot to be stiff, my heart did not once forget which way or how often to pump, my hair grew, the birds feathers remained waxed, light, the sun remained consistently warm and distant, the sky did not go green as it was changing channel for snooker. It just worked.

Nature works. We then, with increasingly more self awareness; crash into trees, laugh, pick up sticks to throw for dogs, ride cycles, run whilst checking times on the watch, sit in a car texting a friend about the park you can't see as you sit texting, drive with music on to drown out the birds, eat a picnic of plastic wrapped sandwiches of chemically preserved ingredients, pick up the kids to get home in time to watch a programme on nature, desire to be able to do this more often...

But I stood on, watching this, seeing humanity in its glory ignoring the very nature they sat within and I saw wet bird, now dry, take a hop into the air and a couple of powerful strokes, up, he was dropping onto a high branch to sit. Crash bird had dropped his load and was now on the bank near me picking up new materials. The swans had found a small boy to harass and his father, who was on his phone, shooed the big guys away. Luckily for him they had eaten already - but that did not stop them giving a passing honk to remind Mr Man and Master Small Boy who was in charge around here.

As various layers of awareness observed each other, the ground did not turn liquid, gravity did not reverse, air remained perfectly breathable and a dog ran by, happy as a dog, running by. I thought "hey dog, don't you know there is a world recession?" and I laughed to myself knowing how it was only me him and the birds who could be free enough not to care.

Nature just goes on, beautifully, and humanity on the whole blindly ignores it and worries if they are getting fat and should have a 3 meat pizza not a 6, if they will get home in time for the news, if their car is new enough or if they were right or wrong when the other driver shouted at them "open your eyes you fucking idiot!".

Nature is quietly being perfect. Not showing off, but just setting the perfect example to those who choose to look.

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C. Om said...

It is truly funny how when we are able to be still, we can see how much of the world we live in is totally constructed in ideas and concepts. The world recession you mentioned is a great example. Does it really exist out side the minds of men? No. It makes you realize that the whole thing could disappear if the financial records were wiped clean.

Great stuff! I love nature being described.

Anne Partain said...

If I get real quiet and soften my eyes I can see the part about the pizza and traffic as part of the perfection. Only then am I in The Garden.

Tao said...

Hi Anne, yes perfect for us, the birds and the still viewers. But the pizza hunter and car shouter are not having such a nice time. Ok, it's all part of the flow, but if only they could slow down too :)

Anne Partain said...

Yes, they have allowed something to capture their attention and mess up their day.
I am suggesting that we not let them capture our attention and mess up our day. It has to stop somewhere.

After all, they are Source energy, about the business of Source energy.

Tao said...


The Rambling Taoist said...

Very poetic and very true! It's ironic that we can see the secrets of the universe by silently watching the most mundane movements of the world around us -- an ant scurrying across the floor, a raccoon cleaning its meal, a wet bird.

Leon Basin said...

What a powerful post. Thank you for such an amazing post. I loved the observation... That is amazing...