For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Karma Police

Already by stepping out and thinking about this kind of thing you are good and going to be much better, quite likely even passed needing such pointers and you picked up the wrong book - in which case just set fire to it and go and hug a loved one and walk through a field.

The ones who are looking to cure the soul, to better themselves and the world are, no matter the apparent achievement, all on the side we call good. We can all recognise the bad, the selfish, the soulless, yet we can't draw good and bad for two reasons; 1) they depend on each other, 2) there is no judge. For the sake of this discussion I have to blur the boundaries and this is how:

Bad depends on good but bad does not have to be so bad. It would be beneficial to all if bad was slipping temporarily into an minor introspection and not the mass murder of millions. -- There is no judge as separate to you but the whole, of which you are, of which you feel a part, judges. Here I stand in contradiction but the whole does judge, it does it by the feedback mechanisms in life. We may take the obvious example of GWBush, that infamous puppet who lead the world into battle, as had his father, grandfather and relatives all the way back through history. They can be seen on the worm diagram of time as one of the threads of evil.

The way GWBush can be portrayed is that of 'a "leader" who brought about immense suffering as he sat back in great wealth, allowing wiser friends and puppeteers to profit financially, far more than he'. Did he stand in a great position? No. We all know his wealth was covered in blood and suffering, so how did he seem to not suffer, and if there is no judge, why not also be a bastard?

The above is a very tiny view, the above assumes that financial gain on mass suffering has a possible positive, it does not. Only on the very superficial, ego level can it be seen so and in reality the whole suffers - the position of a leader therein can only be low as it sits on top of a unfulfilled whole. As with a man selling ladies for sex, he benefits financially, egotistically he has ladies, money and power, on the grand scale he is a little germ in the system making the soul imperfect.

The solution is not out of reach here, it can come about as soon as each person awakens to it. What I aim to point out is that each person can receive positive feeding back to them from the ground of being if they connect themselves to that part of the circuit and align themselves with the natural flow of life. When this is happening more, the whole benefits and the living for all is lifted. We benefit and see that good is not to be done in fear of a judge or ego kick, but for the higher gain of all of us, all life, conciousness.

No one is there to judge, you are in a dangerous position assuming the role over anyone else too. There is no grand judge outside of you, watching over you, waiting "at the end" to rate you, this is a fantasy that does not exist on the grand plane of truth. The judge, the way you benefit or lose is by feeding into and back from the true flow of life that you can recognise but not pin down. Get right, be right, feel right, continue right is the way.

As we progress the whole comes to benefit, bad and good exist still as perspectives of our mind, but bad is pulled up into line so it is less bad than the extremes of this world, then with less extremes in mind, we all benefit. With more people joining together and amplifying correct seeing, then the notions of good an bad can both become redundant as people are so naturally in-tune that there is no longer need to delimit.

When you meditate to connect to the source, you connect with the flow of life, this benefits you and it also benefits the whole - you feed in the positive and help the whole being resonate to its optimum.

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