For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

I worship thee oh collection of photons

Taking you as a light bulb and your reality as the light and shadows around you that you alone cast, then you can see that there is nothing to worship.

You know that you, ego you, is transient. Ego you is sure to love the idea that it creates reality but be clear on the fact that it does not. Ego too is a shadow of the true self. The true self is not even the life source you feel in your solar plexus, or the love in your heart, or the bliss in your head, or at the crown, or the MEness that you feel, or the whole or the infinity that you imagine, it is unknowable except by its manifestations.

Calling anything It or God is simply applying a label to the point your imagination ceases to go on. Claiming a limit of your perception to be a thing of value.

The manifestations are a tiny fraction of that which is, we see a slither of the self and we see it through limited senses. The 5 senses are low in ability and limited in scope, the gaps between the fingers, the gaps between the senses, the low scope of the eyes, ears and so on. The bliss in your head, the love in your heart, the life force in your gut, these 3 sources are higher than the 5 senses yet still huge gaps exist. Enhancements of the senses such as telescopes, microscopes and computer models also have limits, with modern tools or ancient self investigation techniques you will only ever see a tiny slither of reality.

You are in the realm of the hologram, each new layer looks quite like the one before and is no closer to truth. As part of a hologram you are bound for mystery and never to grasp the whole.

Admit you don't know, and can't know. Wonder in the majesty- but don't worship a thing, a concept or a notion. Don't worship the whole, that too is just a level up the hologram no where near truth and you will be claiming a limit to your perception to be a thing of value. Don't look down as when you move down through the core of atoms you will too look to infinity, never closer to truth. In and out, up and down, is infinity. Where you sit is infinity, there is no size or structure in the world you see, only notions you apply to a hallucination you cast about you from information. Only the information has reality, it has no appearance, no size or form that you do not cast. There is no out there, out there is your representation of information that comes from a source of no form, size or time.

To worship a thing, to form truths based on things is to miss the viewer. To claim viewer as source then you forget the viewed, to claim the action of viewing as the source is to forget the information behind viewer and viewed, to claim the information and act of viewing combined to one as the source you omit to say how this too can be known, there will always be a duality until grand admission of impossibility of knowing. To wonder in the knowledge of unknowledge is still to attempt to know or be known by applying a cunning new label.

Only by not even looking can you see by not seeing, know by not knowing, have by not having.

And this comes from not trying. Just be. The magic is there for you to see. It arrives by not trying, wu wei, and you should see by not seeing wu see, and know by not knowing wu know.

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