For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Mr magic

Someone enters the room and talks of wishing to achieve enlightenment.

I say how and when? this can not be done any time in the when! It can't happen when only NOW!! and I waved my hands in front of their face, waving wiggling fingers in patterns, look, see? it is and can only be now; lift your hands, move them, clap and hear the noise, knock on the wall, hear it resonate, see how you do not penetrate, look out around you. You are causing this. You make the sound, you you generate the reality, this is it, wiggle, wiggle, wave, wave...

They said "But anyone can do that."

Yes, I said, smiling, grinning; but they don't do they? They insist on doing something to achieve in the future and not just see the obvious.


NO, we are not all enlightened, nor do I claim to be (to do so would be to state my own insanity. Baaah!). I do claim to have been in states of stillness and satori that have proved to me the validity of the enlightened perspective, I do claim to have been there and not maintained the state. It is probably my nature and last hurdle to get over that I am a thinker, I feel the need to put the state into words and in doing so always eventually extinguish the flame by playing with it.

I do know that by casting aside all attempts to reason the situation that a deep bliss exists in the true knowledge of the self.

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